In 1996 we needed a vehicle since both our pickup truck and car were in less than dependable condition. We concluded that investing in a pickup was the smart move since we needed it as a support vehicle to get tires and supplies for the trucks. We bought this Dodge 2500 with a Cummins turbo-diesel new (the only new vehicle we ever bought) and have been very happy with it. It has the tow package, trailer package, and we put a fifth-wheel in the bed, so it is very flexable, and 22 mpg isn't bad either.
Everyone needs a 'toy' as my wife calls the 1954 Dodge pickup. I had been wanting a car built the year I was born, so when I found this truck in original condition, with the 6 volt electrical system, in nice shape, I had to have it, and being a Dodge guy it made it even better. We had to drive to Dallas in the heat on July 1 to pick it up, but it was worth it. We drive it in parades and run it around the area sometimes. It always attracts attention and gets lots of nice comments.
2008 was a tough year, fuel prices went through the roof and it was barely worthwile driving the 55 miles to Columbia to go to work for what we were making. In '05 when fuel prices went crazy I quit driving the truck back and forth, and was able to leave them at the warehouse we work out of. Then in '08 when fuel went through the roof, the pickup even got too expensive. I ran across this Yamaha V-Star with low miles at a reasonable price and bought it to commute. 50 mpg looks great.
I have owned this 1966 Dodge Coronet 500 since 1973. My father bought it from the original owner, but mom didn't like the two door, so I bought it from them. It was my car, then when I got married it became our family car, which we drove until 1984 when it got parked and became my project car. With no time or money it just sat and collected dirt and junk. Our son, Eric, used it for his 'police' car in the driveway, and we moved it a few times, but it was just a project on the back burner. In 2007 I had the opportunity to begin working on it again, and got it into a new body-shop that just opened, but it closed before they could finish it, and freight took a bad plunge in '08, so it went into holding again. Someday I will get it done, but untill then it has to sit and collect dust again.