Welcome to the Stine Trucking website. We hope it will be informative and helpfull. Although at this time we are a leasee company, operating as owner/operators leased to a for-hire company, we hope this site will be of use to our friends and clients. We have owned and operated our equiptment since 1990, and have been in the flatbed business, primarily servicing the steel industry, although some other commodities have found their way onto our trailers. In the early ninties, we hauled a lot of oil feild pipe, oil and gas well casing, and pipeline, as well as fire-brick and related supplies. From time to time lumber has found a way onto our trailers, as well as other building materials such as shingles, fence posts and rails, rebar and concrete reinforcing wire, and some machinery.

I started my trucking career while employed in the amusement ride industry in 1972, transporting portable amusement devices for a traveling carnival. It was good training ground since there are many fragile, breakable items, as well as a lot of odd size and shape loads that need to be secured and wached as they are transported. The trucks ranged from pickups to box trucks, single axle gas tractors to class 8 diesels, and everything that could be attached, towed, or pulled. Trailers that were made in the 40's, trucks from the 60's up to the newest made at the time.

In 1987 my employment changed and for the next few years I gained experiance driving everything from heavy equiptment to tow-trucks, tankers to flatbeds, and working in the shop repairing and welding. In 1990, while pulling flatbed freight for an owner/operator, the opportunity came along to buy my own truck and trailer, and so Stine Trucking was born.
This is the workhorse of the fleet. Purchased in 2004 to replace our 1990 FLD 120, which was a great truck, but worn out. The thought was at the time with one truck we needed something more dependable, so after searching we came upon this 1996 Pete 379 with low miles. The truck was a glider with a Cummins recon 350 big cam 3, no ecm, so I can work on it myself. When it came time to rebuild it, (broke a cam-follower bearing and washed out the cylinders) we added a few
horses and pumped it up to 400. I may be a bit old-fashioned, but I prefer simple, classic trucks that are easy to work on and maintain. This one fit that profile, and has been the king of the fleet.
In 1994 we decided the 1980 40' Ravens covered wagon we had was getting too old and brittle to keep repairing, so when we heard that TMC had traided in the last of their 45' Ravens magnums, we decided to give them a look. It wasn't too hard to find freight going through Dover Ohio, where the trailers were, so we were able to make a trade, go to Weirton W.V., pick up a load going toward the house, and head home. It was January, so it didn't take long to decide that I didn't want to keep tarping freight. We found a used side kit near home, and with a little work, tarping was history again.
Later we added a roll tarp making hauling coils even easier. For a 1985 it has held up very well and provided years of service, untill we were lucky enough to purchase a Fontaine CT coil trailer. Now it is a spare, being used on rare occasions when we can't use a coil trailer, or when freight is running heavy enough to run a second truck. Hopefully that will happen again, but we are not that hopefull with the leadership we have in Washington now.