The office is the room that Tom got to decorate and fill with his collections.

The west wall has the gun rack and arrowheads. You can also see the old oak file cabinet and chin ferris wheel.
The desk was at one time a cabinet grand piano, which most people think makes a grand desk.

An old "It's a Wonderful Life" village is on top of the desk.

The north wall is filled with the 1904 worlds fair collection
The bookcase is also filled with items from the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair.

On the east wall we combined a closet from the upstairs hall with a bookcase from the downstairs hall to make a nice wall unit.

The closet hides our computer and t.v.
The sword above is a Civil War officers sward from Tom's family

The south wall has pictures and items from Tom's mother's family sawmill from the early 1900's.

He also made the worlds fair shade on the bridge lamp.