As you enter the kitchen from the dining room you see the pine cabinets with beadboard backsplash and oak countertops we made.

The odd-looking barrel between the stove and sink is Tom's grandmothers butter churn.
Amoung the many items in the kitchen are the rug beater collection hanging on the soffett, crocks, wooden utensils, and the tin painted bread box.
The framed bag on the left is from the flour mill that once stood in town, a nice find in the attic.
The oak sideboard was a gift from my uncle to play with as a little girl
The plates to the left of the kitchen clock are advertising plates from the general store in town, which unfortunatly is closed now.
The butcher block under the window was a nice auction purchase.
The sampler next to the broom closet was a project from many years ago
The glass front unit holds the Noratike china my cousin brought back from overseas.
The bucket on the counter is a breadmaker that won first prize at the 1904 worlds fair.
Above the fridge are two crock jugs, one from each of Tom's grandmothers.
Between the dining room and living room doors are an ice box with an old oak telephone above it. Most people are amazed that the phone still works.